Alcohol Promotions. Community Engagement.

As the leading supplier of brand ambassadors and promotional staff in Australia, Belle Vie has a diverse portfolio of event staff, models and ambassadors to assist with your alcohol promotions

Our promotional staff can visit tasting events, festivals, bars, nightclubs, liquor stores, retail stores, sporting events and music venues to enhance your alcohol promotions and engage the community with your brand. 

When your marketing strategy needs a new influx of creativity, your best option is to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand within the community and your target audience. The addition of brand ambassadors and promotional staff to your campaign will boost engagement with your brand and create a positive hype around your products.

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Alcohol promotions – models and event staff

Whether you are a large beer, liquor or wine brand or a boutique craft brand, engaging the community with your brand is key to increasing your share of the market space. Belle Vie has a portfolio of experienced and professional promotional staff who specialise in alcohol promotions, easily initiating conversations with consumers and raising the awareness of your brand.

We select your promotional staff so that they suit your brand’s messaging and are easily accepted by your target audience. Our charismatic event staff will give your brand the attention it deserves, driving brand awareness and sales within your target audience.

From attending tastings to distributing promotional flyers, hosting parties and promoting your brand at liquor stores, trade shows, corporate events, race days, etc., our event models will take your alcohol promotions to the next level.

Alcohol promotions – brand ambassadors

When your alcohol promotions need an added boost, it’s time to engage professional brand ambassadors and lift your brand’s profile. Our ambassadors are both skilled and experienced in promoting adult beverages, embodying the true essence of your brand, and providing credibility and visibility for your brand.

Our brand ambassadors build trust with your target audience and are a very cost effective strategy for alcohol promotions. Our brand ambassadors are fully trained about the specifics of your brand, products and market space, and create a positive and lasting impression with your guests or target audience. Prior to each event, our ambassadors are briefed on the specific goals of your campaign, driving new customers and building positive connections with your audience.

At Belle Vie, we match the essence of your brand with the ambassador who best suits your needs, creating a coupling that promotes authenticity, honesty and trust. All our brand ambassadors are energetic and outgoing, and are dedicated to their role for your brand. Why not take your alcohol promotions to the next level, by creating new interest and engagement in your target audience, and build a loyal following in the community?

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Alcohol Promotions
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Our alcohol promotions staff are available for the following functions …

  • Trade Shows
  • Live Entertainment
  • Private Events
  • Gala Functions
  • Awards Nights