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In our Blog we talk about lots of interesting topics and give plenty tips that will help aspiring models perform at their best in their auditions, as well as what it’s like working as a model or performing artist in the freelance industry, and how you can make the most of your career. The Belle Vie Blog aims to be a resource for models and performing artists who want to excel at their chosen career.

We also cover topics that are relevant to our corporate clients, helping them to select the right models and performing artists for their events, as well as tips for our private clients. Managing your corporate event is key to your success and growth as a brand and in our Blog we help you to gain a competitive edge with proven tips from our experienced event production team.

We will also help our private clients to host the very best event ever! Creating a social buzz around your function will make everyone really envious and with our tips, you will soon host a stunning event! The Belle Vie Blog will be a fabulous resource for our corporate and private clients.

Want a career with Belle Vie?

If you want to become a model or performing artist with the Belle Vie modeling agency our Blog will help you to prepare yourself and understand how to further your career in modeling. The Belle Vie Blog will become a wonderful resource for aspiring models and performers.

If you need help selecting the right event staff for your function, this blog will become your biggest resource! We hope you enjoy reading our blog and if you have any ideas for topics, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Belle Vie.

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