Brand Recognition. Brand Engagement.

Belle Vie has a diverse portfolio of highly trained models who can act as a brand ambassador for your company, helping to raise the awareness and recognition of your brand within the community. Brand promotion and engagement is a key element in business growth and an ambassador can take your brand’s engagement to a new level!

A brand ambassador not only embodies the essence of your brand, but also provides a higher level of credibility and visibility for your brand. It’s all about advocacy, and our brand ambassadors help to build trust for your brand within the community, recommending, supporting and endorsing your brand; brand ambassadors can be a very cost effective strategy to boost your sales in both the short and the long term.

Whether your budget stretches to a celebrity brand ambassador or is more suited to our experienced and professional brand ambassadors (influencers), all our ambassadors are hard working and highly skilled promotional specialists.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Brand Ambassadors

Raise awareness of your brand

When you have a new marketing event scheduled, it’s time to raise the stakes and hire a brand ambassador to help create a positive vibe around your brand. Brand ambassadors can mingle with the crowd at a convention, trade show, product launch, fundraising or sports event, even in shopping malls, and can be hired for TV commercials and print campaigns. They will help to build awareness, recognition, trust, curiosity, and acceptance of your brand.

Experienced professional brand ambassadors

All our brand ambassadors are outgoing, energetic and professional. We train and brief our ambassadors about your brand, products and market space, so that they can easily engage your audience, endorse your products and create a positive lasting impression of your brand.

Prior to each promotional event, we brief each brand ambassador about your marketing strategy and goals for the event, ensuring that their performance is smooth, flawless and professional. Each ambassador is dedicated to the brands they promote, not only helping to drive new customers to your stores, but also building a positive connection between your brand and potential customers.

All our brand ambassadors have a good knowledge of marketing and promotions, as well as the core principles that are the foundation of a successful marketing campaign, specifically authenticity, honesty and trust. 

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Brand Ambassadors
Belle Vie Models & Productions - Brand Ambassadors

Choosing the right brand ambassador

Belle Vie will help you to select the right ambassador for your company’s requirements, as this is key to your success. The best ambassador will be able to convey key concepts about your brand to your target audience, easily initiating conversations and represent the qualities admired by your target audience.

Belle Vie brand ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are experienced in trade shows, live entertainment, corporate events and functions, exhibitions, awards nights, and live broadcast television and promotions. Contact us to hire event staff, topless waiters, promo models and more.

Our brand ambassadors are available for …

  • Trade Shows
  • Live Entertainment
  • Sporting Events
  • Private Events
  • Awards Nights