Sensational Mascot Hire. Delight Your Audience.

If you want to bring an element of fun and excitement into your product or brand promotions, then mascot hire ticks all the right boxes. At Belle Vie, we have a portfolio of event staff who are experts in portraying the right mix of energy and enthusiasm for your brand, creating a high level vibe and buzz at your event.

We will carefully match our event staff to your chosen mascot and brand messaging, ensuring that you have the perfect mix on the day. Our event staff will help you to source the right costume for your brand’s mascot (unless you already have your own costume) and we will brief our event staff on your goals for your campaign.

Mascot hire is the ideal marketing strategy for all your corporate events, in-store promotions and product launches, as well as education open days and children’s parties.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Characters & Mascots

Mascot hire for corporate events

Sometimes adding an element of fun and surprise into your promotional campaigns can make a big difference to your results. Depending on your audience and the event, they may love to interact with your brand’s mascot, taking photos and spreading your brand’s messaging across their social media networks. Local newspapers also like to include fun articles on local events, particularly if you provide a great photo opportunity for their paper!

Mascot hire for children’s parties

Can you imagine your children’s excitement when they see a brightly coloured, furry character at their party? Mascot hire is a great way to take your children’s party to the next level and we can help you to source the perfect character costume for one of our experienced event staff to wear at your party. From helping with cutting the cake to posing for photos and singing Happy Birthday to your child, hiring a walking and talking character is going the extra mile for your kids!

Mascot hire for education open days

University, college and school open days can be very boring, so it makes sense to hire a mascot who can engage and interact with attendees. Our event staff will mingle with the attendees, making young kids laugh, and can even be briefed on your facility’s branding messages to endorse and support your institution.

Mascot hire for in-store promotions and product launches

If you want to energise your in-store promotions and product launches, one of the most cost-effective strategies is to include a brand mascot in the day’s events. Our mascots can distribute samples, endorse your brand and entertain your target audience, help to raise awareness of your brand, boost sales and customer retention.

Why not call us today and organise the mascot hire for your next campaign?

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Characters & Mascots

Professional mascot hire at Belle Vie …

  • Trade Shows
  • Live Entertainment
  • Sporting Events
  • Birthdays
  • Awards Nights