Raise Brand Recognition. Promote Engagement.

For many products, one of the best strategies for increasing brand recognition and boosting sales is to hire a product demonstrator. These promotional staff can perform in-store demonstrations, product samplings and product presentations, raising the awareness of your brand and connecting with your target audience.

When you hire a product demonstrator from Belle Vie, each person perfectly reflects your brand’s values and messaging, communicating information about your products directly to consumers. Whether you want to launch a new product, increase brand loyalty or target a new audience, Belle Vie can supply you with professional and experienced product demonstrators. 


There are many benefits to hiring a product demonstrator, primarily because they interact directly with consumers, providing you with first-hand feedback. At Belle Vie, we supply product demonstrators for a variety of different niches, including the food and beverage, alcohol, technology, health and beauty, and sports equipment markets. 

Belle Vie Models & Productions - In Store Demonstrations

Product sampling

Sampling products is a good way to help consumers understand your products, particularly when you realise that many consumers will make a direct line for any product demonstrator in their sights! 

Product sampling draws people in and motivates them to try your products, giving them the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’. Samples are also free, which is another big drawcard for consumers! Encouraging consumers to feel, taste, smell, see and touch your products firsthand, coupled with the demonstrator’s sales pitch, is the first step in creating a loyal follower and lifelong customer. 

Food, drinks and skincare products all benefit from free samples, but you need an experienced and professional product demonstrator to really achieve the best results with this method.

Product demonstrations

Demonstrations work well for product launches where awareness and advocacy are important to your brand. Any product that is complex, expensive or a significant upgrade over an older model, can benefit from the expertise of a product demonstrator. 

Consumers don’t feel pressured when watching a demonstration, so they can ask all the tricky questions they need answered, and not feeling rushed to purchase immediately. Every product demonstrator in our portfolio will adhere strictly to your brand messaging and script, keeping in mind your objectives for the campaign.

The amount of consumer feedback received from in-store demonstrations is enormous and can be used to optimise your next marketing campaign and improve your products and promotions. A good product demonstrator can tackle any objections consumers might voice about your product, engage in considered conversations to promote your products, raise brand awareness, and increase sales and customer retention.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - In Store Demonstrations
Belle Vie Models & Productions - In Store Demonstrations

Product presentations

Similar to product demonstrations, a presentation tends to dig deeper into the features and benefits of the products, than the actual demonstration. Product presentations are very popular in the beauty and skincare market niches, where demonstrating the product is only a small part of the overall presentation.

A product demonstrator who specialises in presentations must be knowledgeable about your industry and have an easy conversational manner. Virtually acting as a brand ambassador for your products, a product presenter can significantly increase the sales of your products, and encourage customer loyalty and customer retention.

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