Grounded Sexiness. Sophistication. Charm.

At Belle Vie, we are proud to offer our corporate clients a range of professional, talented and sophisticated male models. Whether you need models for your promotional events, sporting and fitness campaigns, fashion runway spectaculars, TV commercials or print campaigns, we can offer you a range of male models to suit your needs.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Male Models

Male models for promotional events

Do you want to promote your brand or introduce your products or services to your target audience? Our diverse range of male models interact very easily with your audience, initiating friendly conversations and showcasing your brand, products or services beyond expectation. From handing out samples or flyers to demonstrating the benefits of your products to asking people to complete a short survey, we can provide your company with the perfect models for your promotional events.

Male models for sporting and fitness events

When you need ripped, buff and fit male models, Belle Vie has the cream of the crop! Our models take great pains to keep themselves fit and healthy and their muscled physiques will showcase your brand or products to perfection. Able to exercise, hold movements and demonstrate moves for hours on end, our models will not only engage your target audience, but will act as professional ambassadors for your brand.

Male models for fashion runway spectaculars

Do you expect your designs and merchandise to be showcased to your exact specifications with the right mood, feeling and aesthetics on the runway? Our male models help to build your dream runway experience, presenting your designs to your target audience, and meeting and even exceeding your expectations. From chiselled ruggedness to sleek marathon runner physiques and boy next door personas, whatever identity will help bring your designs to life, Belle Vie has the male models to achieve your desired results.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Male Models
Belle Vie Models & Productions - Male Models

Male models for TV commercials

Do you want a handyman, lawyer, telemarketer, father or young student to help engage your target audience with your brand, products or services? At Belle Vie, we have a wide collection of male models with the expertise, talent and acting experience to create TV commercials, Music Videos or Media that will perfectly match your company’s goals. Whether you want your models to take directions or ad lib, we can provide you with a selection of models that will suit your specific needs. 

Male models for print campaigns

Whatever type of male persona will best promote your brand, services or products and engage with your target audience, Belle Vie has you covered! With a wide range of male models that differ in height, physique, hair and eye colour, ethnicity and style, you will have no problem finding the perfect identity to suit your print campaigns. The talent and experience of our models is second to none and they can hold poses, work under direction and ad lib if needed, all to ensure that you achieve the most stunning photos for your campaigns.

Our male models are available for the following events:

  • Catwalk and Fashion Shows
  • Photo Shoots
  • Photographic Workshops
  • TVC’s
  • Film and Television
  • Live Entertainment
  • Waiter
  • Topless Waiter
  • Dance Shows
  • Promotions
  • Hire A Crowd
  • Event Presenters
  • Hosting