Memorable Entertainment. Stress-Free Event Hosts.

At Belle Vie, we take the stress out of your event production with professional MC’s (Master or Mistress of Ceremonies). We boast an exciting roster of speakers including actors, musicians, television stars and sporting celebrities.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - MCs

Event production benefits of hiring an MC

Our MC’s are renowned for delivering an entertaining and memorable experience, tailored to your event and audience. They also offer the additional benefit of endorsing your brand, product or services, increasing the marketing impact at your event.

When you are organising your event, whether it’s for a product launch, convention, awards night, charity gala or any other special event, why not leave the event production and light entertainment to one of our experienced MCs?

MCs for product launches

Whether you are launching your products to customers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), a professional MC can give your products and your company much more credibility. It’s easy to understand how a well-known figure, acting as your MC, can maximise the awareness of your product within your target audience, leading to increased sales and profits.

Event production doesn’t have to be stressful, because a celebrity or an industry leader can be a big drawcard, making your product launches run smoothly, and ensuring that business representatives or consumers who attend your event, are entertained and delighted!

MCs for industry conventions

Selecting one of your employees or senior staff to act as MC at your industry convention can often result in someone who is well versed in your industry, but little else (as far as entertainment is concerned). A professional MC who is knowledgeable about your industry, but also has a talent for entertainment, can have people rocking in the aisles, creating a memorable event for everyone involved.

Why not remove the stress from your event production and engage a professional MC for your next industry convention?

Belle Vie Models & Productions - MCs
Belle Vie Models & Productions - MCs

MCs for awards night

More than any other event, an awards night is very special for your employees, requiring you to take your event production to the next level. This is where a professional MC can make a huge difference to the evening, by entertaining your employees, telling industry jokes, and using their own insights to bring everyone together for an evening of fun and laughter (in between presenting awards).

MCs for charity galas

When you want the attendees to donate as much money as possible to charity, you need an MC who can grab their attention and encourage them to part with their money! A professional MC sets the tone for the whole evening, welcoming the attendees and warming them up, so that they are in the right frame of mind to embrace your fundraising event.

A good MC will keep the event production running smoothly all evening, introducing the performing artists and keeping everything on track.