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At Belle Vie, we provide all the performing artists you need for your function or event, whether you want to enhance the promotion marketing strategies for your services, products or brand, or you simply want to create a wild and memorable evening for your guests.

You can select from a wide range of performing artists including roving performers, vaudeville actors, children’s entertainers, live musicians and even performance art installations to add the diamond touch that makes your event truly sparkle.

Why not create an exceptional event experience for your guests and provide  memories and experiences that will last forever? 

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Performing Artists

Performance artists and promotion marketing

Promotion marketing is all about encouraging the sales of a particular product, service or brand and standing out from the competition. There are many promotional strategies you can use, but one of the most exciting and memorable is to host an event that includes performing artists.

With a huge network of suppliers and performing artists, we can design, create and manage your function or event so that it perfectly suits your business needs. There are no limits to the performers we can engage for your function, each providing a spectacular performance that will never be forgotten: professional performers, dancers, musicians, aerialists, burlesque dancers, and the list goes on.

The theme for your function or event is only limited by your desires..let us handle the imagination and the focus of your promotion marketing, bt not to worry – as professional event organisers, we can take your ideas and bring them to life for you!  

Any corporate function or event can be maximised by including an array of performing artists, all selected to perfectly suit your business goals. We can create the perfect program for your event, select the best artists and have your guests begging for more!

There is nothing quite like a wonderful extravaganza to breathe life into your promotion marketing strategies.

Performance artists and private functions

With one of the largest selections of performing artists in the country, the team at Belle Vie work with you to provide the perfect event for your guests. From solo musicians, cover bands and classical musicians to DJs, jazz bands, fire eating performers, burlesque dancers, snake dancers and even comedians – we can create the perfect event for your needs. 

Whether you want to provide the entertainment for your guests or you want your guests to be part of the entertainment, we will select the best performers, creating an event that will be both spectacular and memorable.

If you have run out of promotion marketing ideas or you need help designing a private function to entertain and impress your guests, why not ask the experts for help?

The team at Belle Vie specialises in event management planning that includes performing artists –  turning your everyday event or function into a memory that will captivate your guests. 

Call us on 04 7366 3357 or send us an email to discuss your needs today.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Performing Artists

We provide the following staff hire for your events …

  • Singers
  • Sing-a-grams
  • Bands
  • Comedians
  • Burlesque
  • Clowns
  • Superheroes
  • Gogo Dancers
  • Strip Tease Acts
  • Mimes
  • Magicians
  • Aerial Acts
  • Fire Performers