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Belle Vie provides a portfolio of professional and experienced catwalk models for your runway shows or photography sessions. Offering a diverse range of shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities and ages, you can rest assured that your fashion shoots or runway shows will be fabulous and memorable!

We know that selecting the perfect catwalk models is crucial to the feel, ambiance and the success of your runway show, but this selection is just as important to commercial photographers who specialise in fashion shoots. All our models understand how to showcase your designs, follow directions and are perfectly photogenic.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Photography & Catwalk Models

Runway catwalk models

With diversity now celebrated within the fashion industry, you can engage an inclusive representation of catwalk models to promote your designs on the runway. You can select the models with the perfect face, body and persona to tell the story of your designs and to project the journey that you are creating with your designs.

All our catwalk models are comfortable on the runway and can adapt their walk and actions to perfectly suit your story and the ambiance of your designs. The ideal model is one that understands your designs and how you want to present them to your audience. The ability to relate easily to your models, because they are fun to be around and calm under the intensely stressful conditions of a runway show can be the difference between an extravaganza and a mediocre show.

Our catwalk models understand the importance of your designs and have the synergy to get onboard with your journey, helping to make your runway show a true success. In the end, you must have a model that you believe is good enough to represent your story, which is the reason why our catwalk models are so popular.

Photography models

Models can be both photography models, as well as catwalk models, because both roles require a similar set of skills. There are some key differences between these two roles however, most notably that photography models need to work closely with photographers on location or in a studio to capture the perfect shots. This means that being photogenic is much more important than their ability to dominate a catwalk.

Knowing their best angles, posing and positioning themselves to showcase your designs, and understanding the effect of light and shadow as they move to a new pose, are all essential skills required by the best photography models. At Belle Vie, our portfolio of experienced and talented photography models will lend the credibility and the WOW factor to your designs, helping your brand reach the heights you deserve.

Photography and catwalk models use their artistry to bring your designs to life and at Belle Vie, we are continually updating our portfolio, so that you can achieve the ambiance and the feel you need to showcase your designs.

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Belle Vie Models & Productions - Photography & Catwalk Models