Raise Brand Awareness. Professional Promo Staff.

Brand promotions are the key to raising awareness of your products within your chosen market space and for a successful campaign you need experienced promo staff. Belle Vie has an extensive portfolio of professional staff who will introduce your target audience to your products, enhance customer loyalty and build retention.

With a portfolio that encompasses a variety of ages, ethnicities and genders, we will select the best promo staff for your next campaign. From specialists in alcohol promotions, brand ambassadors, in-store demonstrators, product launches and product sampling, all of our promoters will help to take your brand to the next level.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Promotions

Alcohol promotions

Whether you are a small boutique operation or a large wine, beer or liquor brand, you need to introduce your target market to your products as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our promo staff are well versed in engaging consumers with alcoholic beverages, whether it’s at a liquor store, sporting event, festival, bar, nightclub or music venue. 

Brand ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors embody the very essence of your brand, providing credibility, trust and eagerness for your products. All of our highly trained promo staff are articulate, hardworking and dedicated to the brands they promote, building trust and endorsing your brand within the community.

In-store demonstrations

Many brands benefit from in-store demonstrations and at Belle Vie, we have a collection of experienced promo staff who have years of experience demonstrating in-store. Each of our in-store demonstrators perfectly reflect your brand’s messaging, interacting directly with your target audience, opening dialogues and promoting your products with a professional and expert flair.

Product launch activations

Product launches are a very cost-effective strategy to increase awareness of your brand, boost sales and encourage customer retention. Our charismatic promo staff  will give your brand the attention it deserves, driving up sales and raising awareness of your brand within your target audience.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Promotions

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Promotions

Product sampling

Belle Vie has a diverse portfolio of product samplers with extensive experience in both event and in-store sampling. Consumers love free samples and our promo staff are adept at identifying your target audience and introducing them to your products.

We provide promo staff for the following …

  • Trade Shows
  • Live Entertainment
  • Events
  • Functions
  • Awards Nights
  • Presenters
  • Promotions
  • Greeters
  • Hosts
  • Performing Artists
  • Female Models
  • Male Models
  • MCs
  • Hosts
  • Golf Course Caddies/Hostess
  • Roaming Models
  • Atmosphere Models
  • Place Fillers
  • Hire a crowd