Stunning Models. Professional Sporting Event Staff.

Sporting events are one of the most popular platforms for raising awareness of your company’s brand during your next marketing campaign. Whether you are launching a new product, raising interest in your existing product line or conducting market research, Belle Vie has a diverse portfolio of sporting event staff to suit your every need.

Our event staff, promotional models, themed event models, brand ambassadors, grid girls, product demonstrators and samplers, and exhibition staff encompass a range of genders, ages and ethnicities, so we can perfectly match your requirements. All our sporting event staff are fully trained and experienced at representing brand at these events and are fully briefed on your marketing messages and goals for the event.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Sporting Events

Sporting events to raise awareness of your brand

One of the best ways to raise awareness of your brand within the community is to sponsor sporting events in your area, followed up by a strong marketing campaign at these events. Our sporting event staff will help to increase consumer engagement with your brand, answer questions and endorse your brand to your targeted audience. 

Wearing your brand colours and logos, our sporting event staff can participate in new product launches or increase the vibe around your existing products. Our stunning models, product demonstrators and samplers can introduce the attendees to your products, supporting your brand’s messaging, engaging with the attendees and promoting your brand.

All our sporting event staff are articulate, athletic and can easily strike up a conversation with your target audience; they are trained professionals who are dedicated to the brands they promote. Why not call us today to discuss how our sporting event staff can help promote your products?

Sporting events to enhance teamwork in the workplace

When corporations need to encourage teamwork and networking within their company, one of the most popular and successful tactics is to organise a sporting event. Whether this is designed as a competitive day that fosters teamwork or is just a relaxing day spent together playing sports, everyone benefits from a day of activity and enjoyment.

Selecting a range of sports that everyone can enjoy or at least, attend and cheer on their colleagues, is a great way to get everyone outdoors and working together. Team building exercises work well, employees love them, and everyone wins! 

Belle Vie can organise these events for your company or we can provide all the sporting event staff you need to make the day go off without a hitch.

Belle Vie Models & Productions - Sporting Events